Are Chemical Peels an Effective Melasma Treatment?

January 11, 2021

Melasma is a skin condition that can cause dark patches to appear on your cheeks, forehead, and nose. If you would like to fade your dark spots and achieve an even, attractive complexion, you should consider receiving a melasma treatment from Medwin Family Medicine & Rehab.

Are Chemical Peels an Effective Melasma Treatment?

It’s very difficult to improve your melasma by using topical creams and other at-home remedies. These creams might irritate your dermal tissues without fading your dark spots. Fortunately, you can minimize your dark patches by getting a professional chemical peel. This aesthetic technique is a very effective way to treat your melasma and achieve glowing, beautiful skin.

During your peel, we will apply a customized solution of chemical ingredients onto your skin. We will use acid-based ingredients to address this skin problem in a safe, gentle manner. This treatment will improve your brown patches and remove dead cells that have gathered on the surface of your skin. It’s common to see a significant improvement in your appearance after you receive one melasma treatment.

Why Have I Developed Melasma?

Although researchers do not fully understand why some people have this skin issue, they do know that women are much more likely to develop melasma during their lifetimes. Further, some health conditions and environmental factors can change the pigmentation in people’s skin.

Changing Hormones

If you are a woman, you might experience hormonal changes that will increase your chance of experiencing this problem. For example, you might develop this skin issue when you become pregnant or start to take birth control pills. This type of melasma might resolve when you give birth or stop taking birth control medication.

Other Causes

Experiencing stress or developing a thyroid issue may raise your chance of developing melasma. In addition, spending a large amount of time in the sun can change the pigmentation in your skin and cause brown patches to appear on your face. You can reduce this risk by using sunscreen and protecting your skin with a hat.

How Can I Diagnose This Skin Issue?

Your healthcare provider will typically diagnose melasma by examining your skin. In addition, your provider may use a Wood’s light to analyze your skin. This is a special type of light that provides information about the deeper layers of your skin. Your medical provider can also use various diagnostic methods to check for infections and other types of skin issues.

Will My Chemical Peel Improve My Other Skin Issues?

In addition to addressing your melasma, your chemical peel will improve many other skin issues. If you don’t exfoliate your face, dead cells are likely to gather on the top of your skin. These cells can give your face a dull, tired appearance. The chemical solution that we administer during your treatment will eliminate some of these cells and give you a glowing, healthy-looking complexion.

This melasma treatment can also be used to correct other types of pigmentation problems. For example, it’s common to develop dark spots on your skin after you have an acne breakout. Your peel will correct this problem by smoothing your skin and fading your spots. Further, your sun damage and fine lines will be less visible after your peel is complete.

What Type of Chemical Peel Can I Receive?

We offer three main types of chemical peels. Although we will tailor your treatment plan to match your skin type and cosmetic goals, it’s common to start your treatment by receiving one of our superficial peels. As you continue to receive chemical peels, your skin will adjust to these aesthetic treatments. After you become used to this process, you might decide to receive a medium or deep peel.

A Superficial Peel

If you have never gotten a chemical peel before, we might advise you to choose this option. During a superficial peel, we will use glycolic, malic, or other types of mild acids to carefully exfoliate your skin. This peel can improve your dark spots, wrinkles, and loose skin. Since your superficial peel will be very gentle, you won’t spend a long time recovering after your appointment is complete.

A Medium Peel

During a medium peel, we will use trichloroacetic or glycolic acids to improve the top and middle layers of your skin. A medium peel is a good way to address wrinkles, sun damage, and acne scars.

A Deep Peel

Our deep peel is our most powerful type of chemical peel. During this treatment, we will use trichloroacetic acids to improve the condition of the middle layers of your skin. If you would like to correct severe sun damage, sagging skin, or acne issues, we may advise you to get a deep peel.

Improve Your Complexion

Developing dark patches on your skin can make you feel embarrassed and unhappy. Receiving a chemical peel is a good way to fade these spots and return your complexion to its previous appearance. If you are interested in receiving this melasma treatment, you should contact us at Medwin Family Medicine & Rehab to set up an appointment today.

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