LAP-BAND Total Care Weight Loss Surgery

February 25, 2020

Proven, Effective Medical Weight Loss Surgery

In the United States, obesity remains the leading causes of death, and opens the door to many serious health concerns including diabetes, heart disease, stroke and some types of cancer. Fortunately, for those who find their excess weight is stubborn to diet and exercise, there are many types of weight loss procedures that can help induce weight loss and help bolster sustained health. Ranging from minor cosmetic procedures to full-fledged bariatric surgeries, these weight loss procedures help obese patients whose weight poses serious health risks. One of these bariatric procedures, LAP-BAND® weight loss surgery , can help slow the food entering the stomach with a gastric banding device. These procedures aim to safely and effectively reduce a patient’s food intake, allowing for long-term weight loss at a healthy rate.

In a LAP-BAND® surgery, a gastric band is tied around the top of your stomach, and a natural saline solution is introduced to allow the band to expand and contract based on your needs. The result is a slowing of your intake of food, making you become fuller, faster. For patients who are qualified for a LAP-BAND® surgery (usually those at or above a BMI of 40), LAP-BAND Total Care® may serve a more fruitful option for them, offering additional support that the traditional option doesn’t.

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What is LAP-BAND Total Care™?

Allergan, the creators of LAP-BAND® surgery, has formulated a set of rigorous standards and “best practices” to which the best LAP-BAND® surgeons and providers are held. Those providers who complete special training and education have access to Allergen’s LAP-BAND Total Care™ system.

LAP-BAND Total Care™ allows surgeons and providers to go beyond the surgery itself to provide comprehensive weight loss care that will help you meet your unique goals and target weight. Using a LAP-BAND Total Care™ physical ensures all of the following will be handled as a part of weight-loss care:

  • Weight loss expectations and goals
  • Surgery expectations and preparation
  • Diet and exercise recommendations
  • Support both before and after the surgery

Meet Your Weight Loss Goals

Obesity is not only frustrating, inspiring feelings of defeat; it’s also grounds for serious health concern. If you’re a qualified patient interested in a clinically-proven approach to LAP-BAND® surgery, ask a healthcare provider about LAP-BAND Total Care™ for sustained weight loss and health. Schedule a LAP-BAND Total Care™ consultation in in . Call (832) 532-0050 or contact us online.

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